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The latest evidence on food, nutrition, physical activity, body fatness and the prevention of cancer. Find out about WCRF/AICR's Continuous Update Project (CUP), Second Expert Report and Policy Report.

This website is scheduled to be taken offline in the next few months. For the latest information and full details about the CUP and its reports please visit World Cancer Research International's website.

New Reports Coming Soon

New Reports Coming SoonNew CUP report on gallbladder cancerg will be coming soon.

Resource Downloads

Resource DownloadsDownload free resources for the Continuous Update Project, including protocols, systematic literature reviews and reports, as well as the Second Expert and Policy Reports.

Our Global Network

Our WCRF Global Network is dedicated to funding research and health education programmes into the links between food, nutrition, physical activity, body fatness and cancer risk.

Second Expert Report

Second Expert ReportOur Second Expert Report is the largest ever report on how diet, physical activity and body fatness affect cancer risk. The evidence is now being kept up to date with the Continuous Update Project.

Policy Report

Policy ReportPolicy and Action for Cancer Prevention, provides advice and guidance on what can be done to influence and change the lifestyle choices that people make, as they relate to their risk of cancer.

Did You Know...

The CUP database is the largest of its kind in the world