Our Global Network is dedicated to funding research and health education programmes into the links between food, nutrition, physical activity, body fatness and cancer risk.

Cancer survivors

The research evidence on cancer survivors is expanding and it is important that any protocol captures the new evidence and continues to detect changes in this into the future.

A group of experts chaired by Dr Lawrence Kushi were convened to develop the protocol for cancer survivors, which will be adapted for different cancer types.

Breast cancer survivors

The evidence for breast cancer survivors was discussed by the CUP Panel in June 2013. A report with the Panel's conclusions will be published in 2014, look out for this on the 'What's new' page of this website.

The review included evidence from randomised controlled trials and follow-up studies, with a focus on outcomes for which there is robust scientific evidence:

  • Total mortality
  • Breast cancer mortality
  • Second primary cancer

You can view the protocol for reviewing the evidence for breast cancer survivors here.

Dr Anne McTiernan, CUP Panel member, recently gave a presentation on 'Systematic Reviews on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health Outcomes in Cancer Survivors' for the CUP symposium at the 20th International Congress on Nutrition in September 2013. Dr McTiernan is the CUP Panel lead for reviewing the evidence for breast cancer survivors with Dr Inger Thune.